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Motif 2.1 Widget Writer's Guide


You will undoubtedly create many names while coding a new widget. For example, you will need to create names for new resources, new macros, new variables, new methods, and the new widgets themselves. We recommend that all these names begin with the same prefix.

The chosen prefix should be a short name, generally only two or three characters long. Furthermore, the chosen prefix should help identify the organization or the product from which the widgets came. For instance, all the example widgets accompanying this guide are tagged with the prefix Exm (Example Motif).

You should avoid the following prefixes:

  1. X

  2. Xt

  3. _Xt

  4. xm

  5. Xm

  6. Xme

  7. XmQT

  8. _Xm

  9. Exm

    Xlib reserves the X prefix. The X Toolkit reserves the Xt and _Xt prefixes. Motif reserves the other six prefixes.

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