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Motif 2.1 Widget Writer's Guide


Converts from pixels to real-world dimensions based on vertical resolution of the screen


#include <Xm/XmP.h>
void XmeFromVerticalPixelsWidget
widgetint offsetXtArgVal


XmeFromVerticalPixels converts a vertical pixel value to a real-world dimensional unit. The real-world dimensional unit depends on the value of the XmNunitType resource associated with the widget. For example, suppose widget has an XmNunitType resource value of Xm1000TH_INCHES. If the input value were 200 pixels, the output value might be 2500 (2.5 inches) on one screen and 2000 (2.0 inches) on another screen.

XmeFromVerticalPixels is an XmExportProc.

Typically, your widgets will call this function in a synthetic resource record.

Specifies the widget.

Specifies the offset in bytes of a synthetic resource field in the widget record.

Specifies a value in pixels and returns a value in the dimensional units used by widget.


XmeToHorizontalPixels(3), XmeFromHorizontalPixels(3), and XmeToVerticalPixels(3).

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