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Motif 2.1 User's Guide

Using the Default Root Menu

The root menu provides access to mwm functionality that relates to the screen as a whole. For example, the root menu may contain selections to create a new window or restart mwm. You can specify items for the root menu in the mwm configuration file (see Chapter 6).

To display the root menu, position the pointer anywhere on the root window and press mouse Button 3. Figure 2-6 shows the default Root Menu.

Figure 8. The Motif Default Root Menu.

View figure.

Table 2-5 lists the default root menu selections and their associated functions.

Table 6. The Default Root Menu Selections

This selection... Does this...
New Window Opens a new terminal emulation window on the screen
Shuffle Up Raises the window on the bottom of the window stack
Shuffle Down Lowers the window on the top of the window stack
Refresh Redraws the contents of the entire screen
Pack Icons Aligns icons into close formation
Quit Exits mwm
Restart Exits and then restarts mwm

Usually, you use Restart when you have changed mwm resources and you want the changes to take effect (see Chapter 4). When you select Restart, the window manager verifies that you really want to restart. Move the pointer to the control labeled OK and click Button 1 to restart; move the pointer to the control labeled Cancel and click Button 1 to cancel the procedure.

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