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Motif and CDE 2.1 Style Guide Reference


This document is written for five audiences:

Application designers
Any designer who uses Motif as a basis for building an application

Widget designers
Any designer who adds functionality to the existing Motif software

User interface system designers
Any designer who designs an interface for users with specific cultural and accessibility needs

Window manager designers
Any designer who uses Motif to govern the layout and controls that affect application windows

Common Desktop Environment application designers
Any designer who builds an application for the Common Desktop Environment

You should read through the entire Style Guide once to familiarize yourself with all user interface design concepts. If you are already familiar with graphical user interfaces and their design concepts but need specific guidelines, use the following table to go to the topic you are interested in:

For guidelines on... Read...
controls The (Control) reference pages
menus The (Menu) or (Menu Type) reference pages
choices The (Action Choice), (Choice), (Choice Type), or (Dialog Choice) reference pages
an input device The (Device) reference pages
a specific topic The Style Guide and refer to the related reference pages in this book

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