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Motif 2.1 Programmer's Guide


Command is a SelectionBox subclass intended for entering a command. It contains the SelectionBox text edit area, List, and List label, but no buttons. The application can add only one additional work area child to the Command. A Command usually appears as part of the application's main window rather than as a dialog.

The user specifies a command by adding text to the text area or by selecting an item from the List, which represents the command history. Whenever the text edit area changes, Command invokes the XmNcommandChangedCallback procedures. The user enters a command by activating the List or the text edit area. When the user enters a command, Command appends the command to the history list and invokes the XmNcommandEnteredCallback procedures.

Command has a number of resources that are aliases for SelectionBox resources dealing with the List and text edit area. Command also has an XmNhistoryMaxItems resource, which specifies the maximum length of the history list. After the list reaches this length, Command deletes the first item in the list before appending a newly entered command.

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