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Motif 2.1 Programmer's Guide


The XmSimpleSpinBox widget, a subclass of XmSpinBox, is a user interface control to increment and decrement an arbitrary TextField. For example, it can be used to cycle through the months of the year or days of the month.

The XmSimpleSpinBox widget redefines some of its XmSpinBox superclass constraint resources as normal resources for the class: XmNdecimalPoints, XmNincrementValue, XmNmaximumValue, XmNminimumValue, XmNnumValues, XmNposition, XmNpositionType, XmNspinBoxChildType, XmNvalues. Widget subclassing is not supported for the XmSimpleSpinBox widget class.

SimpleSpinBox provides the following functions:

  1. XmCreateSimpleSpinBox --creates an instance of SimpleSpinBox.

  2. XmSimpleSpinBoxAddItem --takes an XmString specifying the new item and assigns to the item a position in the list.

  3. XmSimpleSpinBoxDeletePos --deletes an item by reference to its position.

  4. XmSimpleSpinBoxSetItem --causes a specified item to be the first visible item in the list.

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