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The graPHIGS Programming Interface : Subroutine Reference

GPXF2 - Transform Point 2

GPXF2 (point, matrix, result)


Use GPXF2 to transform a point using a specified transformation matrix.

The graPHIGS API returns the result of multiplying the given point by the transformation.


point -- specified by user, 2 short floating-point numbers

Point to be transformed.

matrix -- specified by user, 9 short floating-point numbers

Transformation matrix.

The elements must be passed in the following order for the transformation matrix:

  |m11 m12 m13|
  |m21 m22 m23| ---> (m11,m12,m13,m21....m33)
  |m31 m32 m33|

result -- returned by the graPHIGS API, 2 short floating-point numbers

Transformed point.

Error Codes


Related Subroutines


RCP code

201330957 (X'0C00110D')

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