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The graPHIGS Programming Interface: ISO PHIGS Subroutine Reference

Chapter 19. ISO PHIGS Subroutines to GPxxxx Subroutines

The following table associates ISO PHIGS subroutine calls with equivalent or approximately equivalent GPxxxx calls. Note that the calls may be approximately equivalent; there may be some variation in the call interface or in the functionality. Refer to The graPHIGS Programming Interface: Subroutine Reference and the individual ISO PHIGS subroutine calls for details.

The table IS arranged alphabetically by ISO PHIGS subroutine names. A missing ISO PHIGS subroutine implies that either it is not supported by the graPHIGS API, or there is no approximately equivalent GPxxxx subroutine call.

Table 2. ISO PHIGS Subroutines and Their Associated GPxxxx Subroutine Calls

ISO PHIGS Subroutine Call Associated GPxxxx Subroutine Call(s)
Add Names to Set GPADCN
Annotation Text Relative GPANR2
Annotation Text Relative 3 GPANR3
Application Data GPINAD
Archive All Structures GPARAS
Archive Structure Networks GPARSN
Archive Structures GPARST
Await Event GPAWEV
Change Structure Identifier GPCSI
Change Structure Identifier And References GPCSIR
Change Structure References GPCSRS
Close Archive File GPCLAR
Close Structure GPCLST
Close Workstation GPCLWS
Compose Matrix GPCMT2
Compose Matrix 3 GPCMT3
Copy All Elements From Structure GPCPST
Delete All Structures GPDAST
Delete All Structures from Archive GPDASA
Delete Element GPDLE
Delete Element Range GPDLER
Delete Elements Between Labels GPDLEG
Delete Structure GPDLST
Delete Structure Network GPDLNT, GPDLNC
Delete Structure Networks from Archive GPDSNA
Delete Structures from Archive GPDSAR
Element Search GPELS
Emergency Close PHIGS GPCLPH
Empty Structure GPEST
Error Handling GPEHND
Error Logging GPELOG
Escape GPES
Evaluate View Mapping Matrix GPEVM2
Evaluate View Mapping Matrix 3 GPEVM3
Evaluate View Orientation Matrix GPCVMT, GPVPLN, GPVR, GPVUP
Evaluate View Orientation Matrix 3 GPCVMT, GPVPLN, GPVR, GPVUP
Execute Structure GPEXST
Fill Area Set GPPG2
Fill Area Set 3 GPPG3
Flush Device Events GPFLEV
Get Choice GPGTCH
Get Locator GPGTLC
Get Locator 3 GPGTLC
Get String GPGTST
Get Stroke GPGTSK
Get Stroke 3 GPGTSK
Get Valuator GPGTVL
Initialize Choice 3 GPINCH
Initialize Locator 3 GPINLC
Initialize Pick 3 GPINPK
Initialize String 3 GPINST
Initialize Stroke 3 GPINSK
Initialize Valuator 3 GPINVL
Inquire All Conflicting Structures GPQACA
Inquire Annotation Facilities GPQANF, GPQXAF
Inquire Choice Device State GPQCH
Inquire Choice Device State 3 GPQCH
Inquire Color Facilities GPQLCF
Inquire Color Model GPQCML
Inquire Color Representation GPQXCR
Inquire Conflicting Structures in Network GPQCNA
Inquire Current Element Content GPQED
Inquire Current Element Type and Size GPQEHD
Inquire Default Choice Device Data GPQDCH
Inquire Default Choice Device Data 3 GPQDCH
Inquire Default Display Update State GPQDDV
Inquire Default Locator Device Data GPQDLC
Inquire Default Locator Device Data 3 GPQDLC
Inquire Default Pick Device Data GPQDPK
Inquire Default Pick Device Data 3 GPQDPK
Inquire Default String Device Data GPQDST
Inquire Default String Device Data 3 GPQDST
Inquire Default Stroke Device Data GPQDSK
Inquire Default Stroke Device Data 3 GPQDSK
Inquire Default Valuator Device Data GPQDVL
Inquire Default Valuator Device Data 3 GPQDVL
Inquire Display Space Size GPQDS
Inquire Display Space Size 3 GPQDS
Inquire Display Update State GPQDV
Inquire Edge Facilities GPQEF
Inquire Edge Representation GPQER
Inquire Edit Mode GPQEDM
Inquire Element Content GPQEDA
Inquire Element Pointer GPQEP
Inquire Element Type and Size GPQEHA
Inquire Error Handling Mode GPQEMO
Inquire Highlighting Filter GPQHLF
Inquire HLHSR(Mode) Facilities GPQHMO
Inquire Input Queue Overflow GPQIQO
Inquire Interior Facilities GPQIF
Inquire Interior Representation GPQXIR
Inquire Invisibility Filter GPQIVF
Inquire List of Available Workstation Types GPQWST
Inquire List of View Indices GPQRVE
Inquire Locator Device State GPQLC
Inquire Locator Device State 3 GPQLC
Inquire Modeling Clipping Facilities GPQWDT
Inquire More Simultaneous Events GPQSEV
Inquire Number of Available Logical Input Devices GPQLI
Inquire Number of Display Priorities Supported GPQNSP
Inquire Open Structure GPQOPS
Inquire Paths to Ancestors GPQPAS
Inquire Paths to Descendants GPQPDS
Inquire Pattern Facilities GPQPAF
Inquire Pattern Representation GPQPAR
Inquire Pick Device State GPQPK
Inquire Pick Device State 3 GPQPK
Inquire Polyline Facilities GPQPLF
Inquire Polyline Representation GPQLR
Inquire Polymarker Facilities GPQPMF
Inquire Polymarker Representation GPQMR
Inquire Posted Structures GPQRV
Inquire Predefined Color Representation GPQPCR
Inquire Predefined Edge Representation GPQPER
Inquire Predefined Interior Representation GPQPIR
Inquire Predefined Pattern Representation GPQPPR
Inquire Predefined Polyline Representation GPQPLR
Inquire Predefined Polymarker Representation GPQPMR
Inquire Predefined Text Representation GPQPTR
Inquire Set of Open Workstations GPQOPW
Inquire Set of Workstations To Which Posted GPQWSA
Inquire String Device State GPQST
Inquire String Device State 3 GPQST
Inquire Stroke Device State GPQSK
Inquire Stroke Device State 3 GPQSK
Inquire Structure Identifiers GPQSTI
Inquire Structure State Value GPQSTV
Inquire Structure Status GPQSTS
Inquire System State Value GPQSYV
Inquire Text Facilities GPQTXF, GPQGFC
Inquire Text Representation GPQTR
Inquire Valuator Device State GPQVL
Inquire Valuator Device State 3 GPQVL
Inquire View Representation GPQCVR, GPQRVR
Inquire Workstation Category GPQWC
Inquire Workstation Classification GPQWD
Inquire Workstation Connection and Type GPQRCT
Inquire Workstation State Table Lengths GPQLW
Inquire Workstation State Value GPQWSV
Inquire Workstation Transformation GPQWSX
Inquire Workstation Transformation 3 GPQWSX
Message GPMSG
Offset Element Pointer GPOEP
Open Archive File GPOPAR
Open Structure GPOPST
Open Workstation GPOPWS
Pack Data Record GPPREC
Polyline GPPL2
Polyline 3 GPPL3
Polymarker GPPM2
Polymarker 3 GPPM3
Post Structure GPARV
Redraw All Structures GPRAST
Remove Names from Set GPRCN
Request Choice GPRQCH
Request Locator GPRQLC
Request Locator 3 GPRQLC
Request Pick GPRQPK
Request String GPRQST
Request Stroke GPRQSK
Request Stroke 3 GPRQSK
Request Valuator GPRQVL
Restore Modeling Clipping Volume GPRMCV
Retrieve All Structures GPRVAS
Retrieve Paths to Ancestors GPQPAS
Retrieve Paths to Descendants GPQPDS
Retrieve Structure Identifiers GPRSTI
Retrieve Structure Networks GPRVSN
Retrieve Structures GPRVST
Rotate GPROT2
Sample Choice GPSMCH
Sample Locator GPSMLC
Sample Locator 3 GPSMLC
Sample Pick GPSMPK
Sample String GPSMST
Sample Stroke GPSMSK
Sample Stroke 3 GPSMSK
Sample Valuator GPSMVL
Scale GPSC2
Scale 3 GPSC3
Set Annotation Text Alignment GPAAL
Set Annotation Text Character Height GPAH
Set Annotation Text Character Up Vector GPAUP
Set Annotation Text Path GPAPT
Set Annotation Text Style GPAS
Set Character Expansion Factor GPCHXP
Set Character Height GPCHH
Set Character Spacing GPCHSP
Set Character Up Vector GPCHUP
Set Choice Mode GPCHMO
Set Color Model GPCML
Set Color Representation GPCR
Set Conflict Resolution GPCNRS
Set Display Update State GPDF
Set Edge Color Index GPECI
Set Edge Flag GPEF
Set Edge Index GPEI
Set Edge Representation GPER
Set Edgetype GPELT
Set Edgewidth Scale Factor GPESC
Set Edit Mode GPEDMO
Set Element Pointer GPEP
Set Element Pointer at Label GPEPLG
Set Error Handling Mode GPEMO
Set Global Transformation GPGLX2
Set Global Transformation 3 GPGLX3
Set Highlighting Filter GPHLF
Set HLHSR Identifier GPHID
Set Individual ASF GPASF
Set Interior Color Index GPICI
Set Interior Index GPII
Set Interior Representation GPIR
Set Interior Style GPIS
Set Interior Style Index GPISI
Set Invisibility Filter GPIVF
Set Linetype GPLT
Set Linewidth Scale Factor GPLWSC
Set Local Transformation GPMLX2
Set Local Transformation 3 GPMLX3
Set Locator Mode GPLCMO
Set Marker Size Scale Factor GPMSSC
Set Marker Type GPMT
Set Modeling Clipping Indicator GPMCI
Set Modeling Clipping Volume GPMCV2
Set Modeling Clipping Volume 3 GPMCV3
Set Pattern Representation GPPAR
Set Pick Filter GPPKF
Set Pick Identifier GPPKID
Set Pick Mode GPPKMO
Set Polyline Color Index GPPLCI
Set Polyline Index GPPLI
Set Polyline Representation GPPLR
Set Polymarker Color Index GPPMCI
Set Polymarker Index GPPMI
Set Polymarker Representation GPPMR
Set String Mode GPSTMO
Set Stroke Mode GPSKMO
Set Text Alignment GPTXAL
Set Text Color Index GPTXCI
Set Text Font GPTXFO
Set Text Index GPTXI
Set Text Path GPTXPT
Set Text Precision GPTXPR
Set Text Representation GPTXR
Set Valuator Mode GPVLMO
Set View Index GPVWI
Set View Representation GPXVR
Set View Representation 3 GPXVR
Set View Transformation Input Priority GPVIP
Set Workstation Viewport GPWSX2
Set Workstation Viewport 3 GPWSX3
Set Workstation Window GPWSX2
Set Workstation Window 3 GPWSX3
Text GPTX2
Text 3 GPTX3
Transform Point GPXF2
Transform Point 3 GPXF3
Translate GPTRL2
Translate 3 GPTRL3
Unpost All Structures GPDARW
Unpost Structure GPDRW
Update Workstation GPUPWS

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