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The graPHIGS Programming Interface: ISO PHIGS Subroutine Reference



Use Set Pattern Size to insert a Set Pattern Size element into the open structure following the element pointer or replace the element pointed at by the element pointer with a Set Pattern Size structure element, depending on the current edit mode.

This structure element specifies the pattern size dimensions. At structure traversal time, the graPHIGS API uses the specified pattern size in conjunction with the pattern reference point and pattern reference vectors to display fill area and fill area set primitives when the currently selected interior style is set to PATTERN (Set Interior Style). The graPHIGS API uses only the magnitudes of the pattern size components. If either of the components is zero, then the graPHIGS API ignores this structure element.

The traversal default value for pattern size is (1.0,1.0).


The graPHIGS API currently ignores this structure element at structure traversal time.

Language Bindings


pset_pat_size (pat_size)

Input Parameters

const Pfloat_size *pat_size
Pattern size in MC.


PSPA (szx, szy)

Input Parameters

real szx
x dimension of pattern size in MC.

real szy
y dimension of pattern size in MC.


Function Requires State (PHOP,*,STOP,*)

Related Subroutines

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  • Set Pattern Reference Point And Vectors

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