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The graPHIGS Programming Interface: ISO PHIGS Subroutine Reference



Use Set Highlighting Filter to set the inclusion and exclusion highlighting filters for the specified workstation. The new filters take effect when you update the workstation.

The filters consist of class names which indicate which classes the graPHIGS API includes or excludes from highlighting. The same class names may exist in both the inclusion and exclusion filter. If a class name is in both filters when you update the workstation, then the graPHIGS API excludes the class. For more information on classes and class names, see The graPHIGS Programming Interface: Understanding Concepts. Use the Inquire PHIGS Facilities subroutine to inquire the number of available names for name sets.

Language Bindings


pset_highl_filter (ws_id, filter)

Input Parameters

Pint ws_id
Workstation identifier.

const Pfilter *filter
Highlighting filter.


PSHLFT (wkid, isn, is, esn, es)

Input Parameters

integer wkid
Workstation identifier.

integer isn
Number of names in the inclusion set (>=0).

integer is(isn)
Inclusion set.

integer esn
Number of names in the exclusion set (>=0).

integer es(esn)
Exclusion set.


Function Requires State (PHOP,WSOP,*,*)
Specified Workstation Is Not Open
Specified Workstation Does Not Have Output Capability

Related Subroutines

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  • Inquire Highlighting Filter

  • Inquire PHIGS Facilities

  • Remove Names From Set

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