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The graPHIGS Programming Interface: ISO PHIGS Subroutine Reference



Use Set Annotation Text Alignment to insert a Set Annotation Text Alignment structure element into the open structure following the element pointer or replace the element pointed at by the element pointer with a Set Annotation Text Alignment structure element, depending on the current edit mode.

At structure traversal time, this structure element specifies the alignment the graPHIGS API uses to render all subsequent annotation text primitives.

The alignment values affect the manner in which the graPHIGS API positions the annotation text extent rectangle in relation to the text position.

The traversal default for annotation alignment is NORMAL for both horizontal and vertical alignment.

For more information concerning annotation text and annotation text attributes, see The graPHIGS Programming Interface: Understanding Concepts.

Language Bindings


pset_anno_align (text_align)

Input Parameters

const Ptext_align *text_align
Annotation text alignment.


PSATAL (atalh, atalv,)

Input Parameters

integer atalh
Horizontal annotation text alignment (0=PAHNOR, 1=PALEFT, 2=PACENT, 3=PARITE).

integer atalv
Vertical annotation text alignment (0=PAVNOR, 1=PATOP, 2=PACAP, 3=PAHALF, 4=PABASE, 5=PABOTT).


Function Requires State (PHOP,*,STOP,*)

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