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The graPHIGS Programming Interface: ISO PHIGS Subroutine Reference



Use Inquire Archive Files to inquire the list of archive file identifiers and archive file names.

If the information is available, then the graPHIGS API sets the error indicator to zero and returns the values in the output parameters. If the information is unavailable, then the values returned in the output parameters are unpredictable and the graPHIGS API sets the error indicator to the following error:

Function Requires State (PHOP,*,*,*)

Language Bindings


pinq_ar_files (store, err_ind, ar_files);

Input Parameters

Pstore store
Handle to the Store object. The graPHIGS API uses an object of type Store to facilitate the use of subroutines which return complex data. See the Create Store (PHOP,*,*,*) subroutine for details on how the graPHIGS API uses this parameter on inquiries.

Output Parameters

Pint *err_ind
Error indicator.

Par_file_list **ar_files
List of archive file names and identifiers. The memory referenced by *ar_files is managed by the parameter store.


PQARF (n, errind, numberafid, arcfil)

Input Parameters

integer n
List element requested (>=0).

Output Parameters

integer errind
Error indicator.

integer number
Number of archive files open.

integer afid
nth open archive file identifier.

integer arcfil
nth open archive file name.



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