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The graPHIGS Programming Interface: ISO PHIGS Subroutine Reference



Use Inquire HLHSR Mode to inquire the current and requested Hidden Line/Hidden Surface Removal (HLHSR) mode, and the HLHSR update state on the specified workstation. Possible HLHSR modes include: 0=OFF and 1=ON THE FLY.

The HLHSR update state is PENDING if the application has requested an HLHSR mode change but the workstation has not yet provided that change. Otherwise, the update state is NOT PENDING.

If the information is available, then the graPHIGS API sets the error indicator to zero and returns the values in the output parameters. If the information is unavailable, then the values returned in the output parameters are unpredictable and the graPHIGS API sets the error indicator to one of the following errors:

Function Requires State (PHOP,WSOP,*,*)
Specified Workstation Is Not Open
Specified Workstation Is Of Category MI

Language Bindings


pinq_hlhsr_mode (ws_id, err_ind, upd_st, cur_mode, req_mode)

Input Parameters

Pint ws_id
Workstation identifier.

Output Parameters

Pint *err_ind
Error indicator.

Pupd_st *upd_st
HLHSR update state (0=PUPD_NOT_PEND, 1=PUPD_PEND).

Pint *cur_mode
Current HLHSR mode.

Pint *req_mode
Requested HLHSR mode.


PQHRM (wkid, errind, hupd, chrm, rhrm)

Input Parameters

integer wkid
Workstation identifier.

Output Parameters

integer errind
Error indicator.

integer hupd
HLHSR mode update state (0=PNPEND, 1=PPEND).

integer chrm
Current HLHSR mode.

integer rhrm
Requested HLHSR mode.



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