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The graPHIGS Programming Interface: ISO PHIGS Subroutine Reference



Use Initialize Valuator to initialize the specified valuator device.

The Initialize Valuator subroutine stores the initial value, prompt/echo type, echo area, and valuator data record in the workstation state list for the specified workstation. The z coordinates of the echo volume remain unchanged.

For all valuator prompt/echo types a low value and a high value specify the range for input from that valuator. The graPHIGS API scales the values from the physical device linearly to the specified range.

This function supports the following prompt/echo types:

  • Type One designates the current valuator value using a workstation-dependent technique.

  • Type Three displays a numerical representation of the current valuator value within the echo area.


    The valuator device must be in Request mode.

    Language Bindings

  • C

    pinit_val (ws_id, val_num, init_value, pet, echo_area, val_data)

    Input Parameters

    Pint ws_id
    Workstation identifier.

    Pint val_num
    Valuator device number (>=1).

    Pfloat init_value
    Initial value.

    Pint pet
    Prompt and echo type.

    const Plimit *echo_area
    Echo area in DC.

    const Pval_data *val_data
    Data record.


    PINVL (wkid, vldnr, ival, pet, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, ldr, datrec)

    Input Parameters

    integer wkid
    Workstation identifier.

    integer vldnr
    Valuator device number (>=1).

    real ival
    Initial value.

    integer pet
    Prompt and echo type.

    real xmin
    Minimum x coordinate determining echo area in DC.

    real xmax
    Maximum x coordinate determining echo area in DC.

    real ymin
    Minimum y coordinate determining echo area in DC.

    real ymax
    Maximum y coordinate determining echo area in DC.

    integer ldr
    Dimension of the data record array.

    character*80 datrec(ldr)
    Data record.

    The pprec parameters used to build the valuator input data record are as follows: (IL=0, IA=(), RL=2, RA=low value of valuator range, high value of valuator range, SL=0, LSTR=(), STR=()).


    Function Requires State (PHOP,WSOP,*,*)
    Specified Workstation Is Not Open
    Specified Workstation Is Not Of Category Input Or Outin
    Specified Device Not Available On Workstation
    Function Requires Input Device To Be In Request Mode
    Invalid Echo Area/Volume: XMIN>=XMAX, YMIN>=YMAX OR ZMIN>ZMAX
    Echo Area/Volume Boundary Point(s) Outside Device Range
    Prompt/Echo Type Not Available On Specified Workstation
    Input Device Data Record Field Is In Error
    Initial Value Is Invalid

    Related Subroutines

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  • Pack Data Record

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