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The graPHIGS Programming Interface: ISO PHIGS Subroutine Reference



Use Get Pick to retrieve a pick input value from the current event report. The graPHIGS API does not remove the event from the current event report until the next invocation of the Await Event subroutine.

This value consists of a pick status and pick path information describing the position of the picked primitive in the structure network. The pick status may be OK or NOPICK. The graPHIGS API returns the pick path in the order specified in the the Initialize Pick subroutine, that is, TOP FIRST or BOTTOM FIRST. If your application has not called the Initialize Pick subroutine, then the pick path order defaults to TOP FIRST. Each entry in the pickpath consists of a structure identifier, a pick identifier, and an element position.

The graPHIGS API identified the device to which this value corresponds on the previous invocation of Await Event.

Language Bindings


pget_pick (depth, in_status, pick)

Input Parameters

Pint depth
Maximum depth of the pick path to return.

Output Parameters

Pin_status *in_status
Pick status (1=PIN_STATUS_OK, 2=PIN_STATUS_NO_IN).

Ppick_path *pick
Pick path.


PGTPK (ippd, stat, ppd, pp)

Input Parameters

integer ippd
Maximum depth of the pick path to return.

Output Parameters

integer stat
Pick status (1=POK, 2=PNPICK).

integer ppd
Depth of the actual pick path.

integer pp(3,ippd)
Pick path.


Function Requires State (PHOP,WSOP,*,*)
Requested Device Class Not Current Input Report Class

Related Subroutines

  • Await Event

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