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The graPHIGS Programming Interface: ISO PHIGS Subroutine Reference

Chapter 13. Special Interface Subroutines

This section contains the definition of an escape mechanism for allowing access to hardware specific features. The use of this mechanism reduces portability of your application program, but it does it in an easily identifiable manner.



Use Escape to perform an escape function. The specified escape subroutine is identified by way of the subroutine identifier parameter. In general, an escape subroutine accepts both an input data record and an output data record to place any output generated by the escape subroutine.

If the graPHIGS API does not support the specified escape identifier, then the graPHIGS API ignores this subroutine. Currently, the graPHIGS API does not support any escape identifiers. However, your application can access escapes through the Escape (GPES) subroutine. See The graPHIGS Programming Interface: Subroutine Reference for details on those escape functions.

Language Bindings


pescape (func_id, in_data, store, out_data );

Input Parameters

Pint func_id
Escape function identifier.

const Pescape_in_data *in_data
Input data for the function.

Pstore store
Handle to Store object. The graPHIGS API uses an object of type Store to facilitate the use of subroutines which return complex data. See the Create Store ( CREATE STORE (PHOP,*,*,*)) subroutine for more information.

Output Parameters

Pescape_out_data **out_data
Output data of the function. The memory referenced by *out_data is managed by Store.


PESC (fctid , lidr , idr , mlodr , lodr , odr )

Input Parameters

integer fctid
Function identification.

integer lidr
Dimension of the input data record array.

character*80 idr(lidr)
Input data record.

integer mlodr
Maximum length of the output data record.

Output Parameters

integer lodr
Number of array elements occupied in odr .

character*80 odr(mlodr)
Output data record.


Function Requires State (PHOP,*,*,*)
Warning, Specified Escape Unavailable On One Or More Workstations
One Of The Fields Within The Escape Data Record Is In Error

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