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The graPHIGS Programming Interface: ISO PHIGS Subroutine Reference



Use Delete Structure to delete the specified structure, its identifier, and its contents. When you use this subroutine to delete a closed structure, the graPHIGS API removes all references to the deleted structure (execute structure-type elements) from all existing structures. The deleted structure is also unposted from all workstations.

When you delete a structure that is an open structure, the structure remains open and is emptied, but the graPHIGS API does not remove references to the deleted structure. The result is as though you had issued the following subroutine calls:

  1. Close Structure

  2. Delete Structure (structure identifier)

  3. Open Structure (structure identifier)
  4. If the specified structure does not exist, then no action occurs.

    If it is necessary to empty the contents of a specified structure and at the same time maintain its association with all workstations, use the Empty Structure subroutine (the structure remains posted).

    Language Bindings


    pdel_struct (struct_id)

    Input Parameters

    Pint struct_id
    Structure identifier.


    PDST (strid)

    Input Parameters

    integer strid
    Structure identifier.


    Function Requires State (PHOP,*,*,*)

    Related Subroutines

  5. Empty Structure

  6. Execute Structure

  7. Unpost Structure

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