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OpenGL 1.1 for AIX: Reference Manual

OpenGL in the AIXwindows (GLX) Environment

OpenGL is a high-performance, 3D-oriented renderer available in the AIXwindows system through the GLX extension. Use the glXQueryExtension and glXQueryVersion subroutines to determine whether the GLX extension is supported by an X server. If the GLX extension is supported, the version number is also available through these subroutines.

GLX-extended servers make a subset of their visuals available for OpenGL rendering. Drawables created with these visuals can also be rendered using the core X renderer, or any other X extension compatible with all core X visuals.

GLX extends drawables with several buffers other than the standard color buffer. These buffers include back and auxiliary color buffers, a depth buffer, a stencil buffer, and a color accumulation buffer. Some or all are included in each X visual that supports OpenGL.

Both core X and OpenGL commands can be used to operate on the current drawable. However, the X and OpenGL command streams are not synchronized (except at explicitly created boundaries generated by calling the glXWaitGL, glXWaitX, XSync, or glFlush subroutines).

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