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Motif 2.1 Programmer's Reference


The SelectionBox SelectionDialog convenience creation function


#include <Xm/SelectioB.h>
Widget XmCreateSelectionDialog
parentString nameArgList
arglistCardinal argcount


XmCreateSelectionDialog is a convenience creation function that creates a DialogShell and an unmanaged SelectionBox child of the DialogShell. A SelectionDialog offers the user a choice from a list of alternatives and gets a selection. It includes the following:

  1. A scrolling list of alternatives

  2. An editable text field for the selected alternative

  3. Labels for the text field

  4. Four buttons
  5. The default button labels are OK, Cancel , Apply , and Help . One additional WorkArea child may be added to the SelectionBox after creation.

    XmCreateSelectionDialog forces the value of the SelectionBox resource XmNdialogType to XmDIALOG_SELECTION.

    XmCreateSelectionDialog forces the value of the Shell resource XmNallowShellResize to True.

    Use XtManageChild to pop up the SelectionDialog (passing the SelectionBox as the widget parameter); use XtUnmanageChild to pop it down.

    Specifies the parent widget ID

    Specifies the name of the created widget

    Specifies the argument list

    Specifies the number of attribute/value pairs in the argument list ( arglist)

    For a complete definition of SelectionBox and its associated resources, see XmSelectionBox (3).


    Returns the SelectionBox widget ID.


    XmSelectionBox (3).

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