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Motif 2.1 Programmer's Reference


A function that adds a manager or a primitive widget to the list of tab groups


#include <Xm/Xm.h>
void XmAddTabGroup


This function is obsolete and its behavior is replaced by setting XmNnavigationType to XmEXCLUSIVE_TAB_GROUP. When the keyboard is used to traverse through a widget hierarchy, primitive or manager widgets are grouped together into what are known as tab groups . Any manager or primitive widget can be a tab group. Within a tab group, move the focus to the next widget in the tab group by using the arrow keys. To move to another tab group, use KNextField or KPrevField .

Tab groups are ordinarily specified by the XmNnavigationType resource. XmAddTabGroup is called to control the order of traversal of tab groups. The widget specified by tab_group is appended to the list of tab groups to be traversed, and the widget's XmNnavigationType is set to XmEXCLUSIVE_TAB_GROUP.

Specifies the manager or primitive widget ID


XmManager (3), XmGetTabGroup (3), XmPrimitive (3), and XmRemoveTabGroup (3).

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