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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 2

TOK_FUNC_ADDR (Set Functional Address) tokioctl Token-Ring Device Handler Operation


Specifies a functional address to be used on a token-ring device.


The TOK_FUNC_ADDR tokioctl operation allows the caller to specify a functional address on a token-ring network. A successful CIO_START operation must be issued before a TOK_FUNC_ADDR operation can be issued. The parameter block for the functional address is the tok_func_addr_t structure defined in the /usr/include/sys/tokuser.h file.

The tok_func_addr_t structure has four fields:

status Returns one of the following status values:
netid Specifies the network ID associated with this functional address. The network ID must have been successfully started by the CIO_START operation. There can only be one functional address specified per network ID.
opcode When set to TOK_ADD, the functional address is added to the list of possible functional addresses for which the token-ring adapter accepts packets. When set to TOK_DEL, the current functional address is removed from the list of possible functional addresses for which the token-ring adapter accepts packets. The TOK_ADD and TOK_DEL values are defined in the /usr/include/sys/tokuser.h file.
func_addr Specifies the 4 least significant bytes of the 6-byte network function address. The 2 most significant bytes are automatically set to 0xC000 by the token-ring adapter. The most significant bit and the 2 least significant bits within these 4 bytes cannot be set. They are ignored by the token-ring adapter.

Execution Environment

The TOK_FUNC_ADDR tokioctl operation can be called from the process environment only.

Return Values

EFAULT Indicates the specified address is not valid.
EINVAL Indicates a parameter is not valid.
ENETDOWN Indicates an unrecoverable hardware error.
ENOCONNECT Indicates the device has not been started.
ENOMSG Indicates an error occurred.

Implementation Specifics

The TOK_FUNC_ADDR operation functions with a Token-Ring High Performance Network Adapter that has been correctly configured for use on a qualified network. Consult adapter specifications for more information on configuring the adapter and network qualifications.

Related Information

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