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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 2

TMIORESET (Reset Device) tmscsi Device Driver ioctl Operation


Sends a Bus Device Reset (BDR) message to an attached target device.

Note: This operation is not supported by all SCSI I/O controllers.


The TMIORESET ioctl operation allows the caller to send a Bus Device Reset (BDR) message to a selected target device. Only an initiator-mode device may use this operation. The arg parameter of the TMIORESET operation is set to a null value by the caller.

The attached target device typically uses this BDR message to reset certain operating characteristics. Such an action may be needed during severe error recovery between the host initiator and the attached target device. The specific effects of the BDR message are device dependent. Since the effects of this operation are potentially adverse to the target device, care should be taken by the caller before issuing this message. To run this operation requires at least dev_config authority.


/dev/tmscsi0, /dev/tmscsi1,..., /dev/tmscsin Support processor-to-processor communications through the SCSI target-mode device driver.

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