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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 2

TMIOASYNC (Async) tmscsi Device Driver ioctl Operation


Allows future initiator-mode commands for an attached target device to use asynchronous data transfer.

Note: This operation is not supported by all SCSI I/O controllers.


The TMIOASYNC ioctl operation enables asynchronous data transfer for future initiator-mode commands on attached target devices. Only an initiator-mode device may use this operation. The arg parameter of the TMIOASYNC operation is set to a null value by the caller.

This operation is required when the caller is intending to retry a previous initiator SCSI command (other than those sent through the TMIOCMD operation) that was unsuccessful with a SC_SCSI_BUS_FAULT status in the general_card_status field in the status structure returned by the TMIOSTAT operation. If more than one retry is attempted, this operation should be issued only before the last retry attempt.

This operation allows the device to run in asynchronous mode if the device does not negotiate for synchronous transfers. This operation affects all future initiator commands for this device. However, a SCSI reset or power-on to the device results in an attempt to again run synchronous data transfers. At open time, synchronous data transfers are attempted.


/dev/tmscsi0, /dev/tmscsi1,..., /dev/tmscsin Support processor-to-processor communications through the SCSI target-mode device driver.

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