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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 2

SSADISK_LIST_PDISKS SSA Disk Device Driver ioctl Operation


Provides a means to determine which SSA physical disk drives make up a SSA logical disk drive.


The SSADISK_LIST_PDISKS operation may be issued by any user to a SSA logical disk (hdisk). It returns a list of the SSA physical disks (pdisks) which make up the specified logical disk drive.

The arg parameter for the SSADISK_LIST_PDISKS operation is the address of an ssadisk_ioctl_parms structure. This structure is defined in the /usr/include/sys/ssadisk.h file.

The SSADISK_LIST_PDISKS operation uses the following fields of the ssadisk_ioctl_parms structure:

u0.list_pdisks.name_array Pointer to array of ssadisk_name_desc_t structures in the caller's memory. It is this array which is filled in with the names of the hdisks on return from the ioctl.
u0.list_pdisks.name_array_elements Set by the caller to indicate the number of elements in the array pointed at by the u0.list_pdisks.name_array parameter.
u0.list_pdisks.name_count On return from the ioctl, this indicates the number of names in the name array pointed at by u0.list_pdisks.name_array .
u0.list_pdisks.resource_count On return from the ioctl this indicates the number of physical disk drives which make up the logical disk drive. This may be less than u0.list_pdisks.name_count if not enough elements were alloced in the name array in the user's memory to hold all the pdisk names, or one or more of the physical disks which make up the logical disk have not been configured as AIX physical disk drives.

Return Values

If the command was successfully sent to the adapter card, this operation returns a value of 0. Otherwise, a value of -1 is returned and the errno global variable set to one of the following values:

EIO Indicates an unrecoverable I/O error.
ENOMEM Indicates that the device driver was unable to allocate or pin enough memory to complete the operation.


/dev/pdisk0, /dev/pdisk1,..., /dev/pdiskn Provide an interface to allow SSA device drivers to access SSA physical disks.
/dev/hdisk0, /dev/hdisk1,..., /dev/hdiskn Provide an interface to allow SSA device drivers to accessl SSA logical disks.

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