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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 2

CIO_GET_FASTWRT (Get Fast Write) sol_ioctl Serial Optical Link Device Handler Operation


Provides the attributes of the sol_fastwrt entry point.


The CIO_GET_FASTWRT operation provides the attributes of the Serial Optical Link (SOL) device driver's sol_fastwrt entry point.

For the CIO_GET_FASTWRT operation, the arg parameter points to the cio_get_fastwrt structure. This structure is defined in the /usr/include/sys/comio.h file and contains the following fields:

status Returns one of the following possible status values:
  • CIO_OK
fastwrt_fn Specifies the function address that can be called to issue a fast path write.
chan Specifies the channel number assigned by the device driver's mpx routine.
devno Specifies major and minor device numbers for the device driver, also known as the dev_t.

Return Values

EACCES Illegal call from kernel user.
EFAULT Indicates that an address was not valid.
EINVAL Indicates that a parameter was not valid.
ENODEV Indicates that a minor number was not valid.

Implementation Specifics

The CIO_GET_FASTWRT operation works with a Serial Link Adapter and Serial Optical Channel Converter that have been correctly configured for use on a qualified network. Consult hardware specifications for more information on configuring hardware and network qualifications.

Related Information

The sol_fastwrt entry point, sol_ioctl entry point, sol_write entry point.

The CIO_START sol_ioctl Serial Optical Link Device Handler Operation.

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