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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel and Subsystems Technical Reference, Volume 1

CSVendorSpecific Kernel Service


Provide AIX unique functions in Card Services.


#include <sys/pcmciacs.h>
#include <sys/pcmciacsAix.h>
int status = CardServices(CSVendorSpecific, objectID, pointer, 
argLength, argPointer);
void* objectID;
void* pointer;
int argLength;
CSaixVdrSpcPkt* argPointer;


objectID Depends on each function.
pointer Depends on each function.
argLength Should be more than sizeof(CSaixVdrSpcPkt). But, each function may require more packet size.
argPointer The pointer to the requesting packet. CSaixVdrSpcPkt is defined in <sys/pcmciacsAix.h> as;
typedef struct {
int     Sockey;
int     funccode;
int     subcode;
int     rsvd;
int     opcode;
int     rsvd2;
char    subpkt[1];
} CSaixVdrSpcPkt;

Socket is used to specify logical socket number. funccode is used to specify function code in CSVendorSpecific function. Currently, CSaixLockSocket is prepared. subcode, opcode and subpkt may be used depending on funccode. Rsvd and rsvdd are reserved.


CSVendorSpecific function parsed the packet pointed by argPointer, and calls each function according to the function code specified in the packet.

Return Values

CSR_SUCCESS Specifies a successful function.
CSR_UNSUPPORTED_FUNCTION Error on parsing packet pointed by argPointer.

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