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AIX Version 4.3 Communications Technical Reference, Volume 2

t_strerror Subroutine for X/Open Transport Interface


Produce an error message string.


X/Open Transport Interface Library (libxti.a)


#include <xti.h>

const char *t_strerror (
int errnum)


The t_strerror subroutine maps the error number to a language-dependent error message string and returns a pointer to the string. The error number specified by the errnum parameter corresponds to an X/Open Transport Interface error. The string pointed to is not modified by the program, but may be overwritten by a subsequent call to the t_strerror subroutine. The string is not terminated by a newline character. The language for error message strings written by the t_strerror subroutine is implementation-defined. If it is English, the error message string describing the value in t_errno is identical to the comments following the t_errno codes defined in the xti.h header file. If an error code is unknown, and the language is English, t_strerror returns the string.

"<error>: error unknown"

where <error> is the error number supplied as input. In other languages, an equivalent text is provided.


errnum Specifies the error number.

Valid States

ALL - except T_UNINIT.

Return Values

The t_strerror subroutine returns a pointer to the generated message string.

Related Information

The t_error subroutine.

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