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AIX Version 4.3 Communications Technical Reference, Volume 2

t_getstate Subroutine for X/Open Transport Interface


Get the current state.


X/Open Transport Interface Library (libxti.a)


#include <xti.h>
int t_getstate (fd)
int fd;


The t_getstate subroutine returns the current state of the provider associated with the transport endpoint specified by the fd parameter.


fd Specifies the transport endpoint.

Valid States

ALL - apart from T_UNINIT.

Return Values

0 Successful completion.
-1 t_errno is set to indicate an error. The current state is one of the following:
T_UNBND Unbound
T_OUTCON Outgoing connection pending
T_INCON Incoming connection pending
T_DATAXFER Data transfer
T_OUTREL Outgoing orderly release (waiting for an orderly release indication)
T_INREL Incoming orderly release (waiting to send an orderly release request)

If the provider is undergoing a state transition when the t_getstate subroutine is called, the subroutine will fail.

Error Codes

On failure, t_errno is set to one of the following:

TBADF The specified file descriptor does not refer to a transport endpoint.
TSTATECHNG The transport provider is undergoing a transient state change.
TSYSERR A system error has occurred during execution of this subroutine.
TPROTO This error indicates that a communication problem has been detected between the X/Open Transport Interface and the transport provider for which there is no other suitable X/Open Transport Interface (t_errno).

Related Information

The t_open subroutine.

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