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AIX Version 4.3 Communications Technical Reference, Volume 1

DLC_DEL_FUNC_ADDR ioctl Operation for DLC

The following parameter block deletes a previously defined functional address mask any time a service access point (SAP) has been enabled with a DLC_ENA_SAP ioctl. Multiple functional address bits can be specified.

struct dlc_func_addr
   ulong_t gdlc_sap_corr;   /* GDLC SAP correlator */
   ulong_t len_func_addr_mask;   /* length of functional */
      /* address mask */
   uchar_t func_addr_mask[DLC_MAX_ADDR]; /*functional add. mask */

The fields of this ioctl operation are:

gdlc_sap_corr Indicates the generic data link control (GDLC) service access point (SAP) identifier being requested to delete a functional address from a port.
len_func_addr_mask Contains the byte length of the functional address mask to be deleted.
func_addr_mask Contains the functional address mask value to be deleted from with the functional address on the adapter. See the individual DLC interface documentation to determine the length and format of this field.

Implementation Specifics

The DLC_DEL_FUNC_ADDR ioctl operation is selectable through the fp_ioctl kernel service or the ioctl subroutine. It can be called from the process environment only.

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