First Edition (October 1997)

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Base Operating System (BOS) Runtime Services (Q-Z)

Curses Subroutines
addch, mvaddch, mvwaddch, or waddch Subroutine
addnstr, addstr, mvaddnstr, mvaddstr, mvwaddnstr, mvwaddstr, waddnstr, or waddstr Subroutine
attroff, attron, attrset, wattroff, wattron, or wattrset Subroutine
attron or wattron Subroutine
attrset or wattrset Subroutine
baudrate Subroutine
beep Subroutine
box Subroutine
can_change_color, color_content, has_colors,init_color, init_pair, start_color or pair_content Subroutine
cbreak, nocbreak, noraw, or raw Subroutine
clear, erase, wclear or werase Subroutine
clearok, idlok, leaveok, scrollok, setscrreg or wsetscrreg Subroutine
clrtobot or wclrtobot Subroutine
clrtoeol or wclrtoeol Subroutine
color_content Subroutine
copywin Subroutine
curs_set Subroutine
def_prog_mode, def_shell_mode, reset_prog_mode or reset_shell_mode Subroutine
def_shell_mode Subroutine
del_curterm, restartterm, set_curterm, or setupterm Subroutine
delay_output Subroutine
delch, mvdelch, mvwdelch or wdelch Subroutine
deleteln or wdeleteln Subroutine
delwin Subroutine
echo or noecho Subroutine
echochar or wechochar Subroutines
endwin Subroutine
erase or werase Subroutine
erasechar, erasewchar, killchar, and killwchar Subroutine
filter Subroutine
flash Subroutine
flushinp Subroutine
garbagedlines Subroutine
getbegyx, getmaxyx, getparyx, or getyx Subroutine
getch, mvgetch, mvwgetch, or wgetch Subroutine
getmaxyx Subroutine
getnstr, getstr, mvgetnstr, mvgetstr, mvwgetnstr, mvwgetstr, wgetnstr, or wgetstr Subroutine
getsyx Subroutine
getyx Macro
halfdelay Subroutine
has_colors Subroutine
has_ic and has_il Subroutine
has_il Subroutine
idlok Subroutine
inch, mvinch, mvwinch, or winch Subroutine
init_color Subroutine
init_pair Subroutine
initscr and newterm Subroutine
insch, mvinsch, mvwinsch, or winsch Subroutine
insertln or winsertln Subroutine
intrflush Subroutine
keyname, key_name Subroutine
keypad Subroutine
killchar or killwchar Subroutine
_lazySetErrorHandler Subroutine
leaveok Subroutine
longname Subroutine
makenew Subroutine
meta Subroutine
move or wmove Subroutine
mvcur Subroutine
mvwin Subroutine
newpad, pnoutrefresh, prefresh, or subpad Subroutine
newterm Subroutine
derwin, newwin, or subwin Subroutine
nl or nonl Subroutine
nodelay Subroutine
notimeout, timeout, wtimeout Subroutine
overlay or overwrite Subroutine
pair_content Subroutine
prefresh or pnoutrefresh Subroutine
printw, wprintw, mvprintw, or mvwprintw Subroutine
putp, tputs Subroutine
raw or noraw Subroutine
refresh or wrefresh Subroutine
reset_prog_mode Subroutine
reset_shell_mode Subroutine
resetterm Subroutine
resetty, savetty Subroutine
restartterm Subroutine
ripoffline Subroutine
savetty Subroutine
scanw, wscanw, mvscanw, or mvwscanw Subroutine
scr_dump, scr_init, scr_restore, scr_set Subroutine
scr_init Subroutine
scr_restore Subroutine
scrl, scroll, wscrl Subroutine
scrollok Subroutine
set_curterm Subroutine
setscrreg or wsetscrreg Subroutine
setsyx Subroutine
set_term Subroutine
setupterm Subroutine
_showstring Subroutine
slk_attroff, slk_attr_off, slk_attron, slk_attrset, slk_attr_set, slk_clear, slk_color, slk_init, slk_label, slk_noutrefresh, slk_refresh, slk_restore, slk_set, slk_touch, slk_wset, Subroutine
slk_init Subroutine
slk_label Subroutine
slk_noutrefresh Subroutine
slk_refresh Subroutine
slk_restore Subroutine
slk_set Subroutine
slk_touch Subroutine
standend, standout, wstandend, or wstandout Subroutine
start_color Subroutine
subpad Subroutine
subwin Subroutine
tgetent, tgetflag, tgetnum, tgetstr, or tgoto Subroutine
tgetflag Subroutine
tgetnum Subroutine
tgetstr Subroutine
tgoto Subroutine
tigetflag, tigetnum, tigetstr, or tparm Subroutine
tigetnum Subroutine
tigetstr Routine
is_linetouched, is_wintouched, touchline, touchwin, untouchwin, or wtouchin Subroutine
touchoverlap Subroutine
touchwin Subroutine
tparm Subroutine
tputs Subroutine
typeahead Subroutine
unctrl Subroutine
ungetch, unget_wch Subroutine
vidattr, vid_attr, vidputs, or vid_puts Subroutine
doupdate, refresh, wnoutrefresh, or wrefresh Subroutines

FORTRAN Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines (BLAS)

Appendix A. Base Operating System Error Codes for Services That Require Path-Name Resolution

Appendix B. ODM Error Codes