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The graPHIGS Programming Interface: Messages and Codes

Appendix A. ABEND Codes for the GDDM/graPHIGS API

This appendix documents diagnosis, modification, or tuning information provided by the graPHIGS Programming Interface for determining the proper type-of-failure keyword for problem reporting. See "Notices" for information on the use of diagnosis, modification, or tuning information.

This appendix lists the abend codes produced by the GDDM/graPHIGS API in numerical order. Each code includes the information you need to create a list of type-of-failure keywords. If the issuing module on VM/CMS is in a discontiguous shared segment, the abend code may appear in hexadecimal form.

Table A-1. ABEND Codes for the GDDM/graPHIGS API

1 1 Description table overflow
41A 1050 Invalid request code
426 1062 Local EUDS area too small
427 1063 AFMEODF entry wrong
514 1300 Invalid ECA    
515 1301 Invalid RCP subcomponent code
516 1302 Invalid RCP function code
517 1303 Function not supported
51C 1308 Program load failure - only if unconditional request
521 1313 FREEMAIN failure
522 1314 Request exceeds maximum storage
523 1315 Invalid family code
524 1316 Invalid FRB or FRB parameters
525 1317 Invalid ORB parameters
526 1318 Invalid IFCTTSID field
564 1380 Wrong program load
565 1381 Module loaded above 16 megabytes when GDDM initialized in 24-bit mode-second occurrence--possible recursion
6E0 1760 Invalid RCP subcomponent code
6E2 1762 Invalid QUICKCELL request
6E3 1763 Zero cellsize
6E5 1765 Structure reference pointer found where none expected.

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