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The Personal graPHIGS Programming Interface: Customization and Problem Diagnosis

Chapter 1. Hardware and Software Support and Requirements

This chapter provides the following information about the IBM Personal graPHIGS API:

Hardware Support

The graPHIGS API supports the following:

Xstations, POWERstations and POWERservers

Adapters and Processors



Pointing Devices

Lighted Program Function Keyboard



Keyboards for National Language Support

Hardware and Software Requirements for the graPHIGS API Gateway

In addition to the minimum requirements for the graPHIGS API, gPgated requires the following:

RS/6000 workstation:

Host Interface Adapter, PN 09G3667 or higher.

Minimum hardware requirements for the RS/6000 to be used as a gateway are the same as the minimum requirements for installation of AIX and the AIXWindows/3D feature of the AIXWindows Environment/6000: 16 MB real memory, 400MB DASD, and an ASCII terminal on s1/s2. You can install up to three Host Interface Adapters (HIA) on an RS/6000. 32MB real memory is suggested for optimal performance with multiple HIAs.

IBM S/390:

See The graPHIGS Programming Interface: Technical Reference for more information on using the graPHIGS API gateway.

Requirements for Connection to 6098 with FDDI

In addition to the minimum requirements for the graPHIGS API, the graPHIGS/GAM direct connection to the 6098 with the FDDI feature requires the following:

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