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Fibre Channel Adapter/1063 User's Guide and Reference

Installing the Fibre Channel Device Driver

The Fibre Channel (FC) software installation package provides the diagnostic microcode and software support. The software support includes the FC device driver and the diagnostics support. The package includes the following options:

Fibre Channel Device Driver Installation Options
Option Name I/U Q Content
devices.mca.8fe2.rte #FCS Adapter Software I b usr, root
devices.mca.8fe2.com #common FCS Software I b usr
devices.mca.8fe2.diag #common FCS Software I N usr, root
Note: Refer to the installp command for more information on the I/U and Content fields.


Ensure that your system meets the following minimum software and hardware requirements:


The installp command installs the Fibre Channel (FC) software using the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) or from the command line. Perform the following steps to install the FC software from the command line:

  1. Install FCS operational microcode using the installp command.
  2. Install all FC options using the installp command.
  3. Use the shutdown command to shut down your machine. When the shutdown is complete, turn off your machine.
  4. Install the FC adapter and all necessary hardware (such as FC switches and cables) according to the install instructions provided with the hardware.
  5. Turn on the machine.

Installation of the FC device driver package and adapters configures an FC device for each FC adapter in the machine.

Driver Configuration

After following the Fibre Channel (FC) installation instructions, there will be three device entries created. There are two entries for the device drivers and one entry for the adapter. Following is the definition of each entry:

fcnet Communications protocol head for the FC adapter handling all communications requests for TCP/IP and raw sockets. This is the device that should be used when opening a raw socket connection.
fcsdd FC adapter device driver managing the control of the FC adapter. This driver is responsible for all of the low-level interaction with the adapter.
fcs FC adapter showing the state of the FC adapter. If the adapter can be configured, the state of this entry will be "available."

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