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Distributed SMIT 2.2 for AIX: Guide and Reference

Establishing Single Sign-On

Single sign-on is the ability to create DSMIT credentials automatically whenever a valid DSMIT administrator logs onto a valid DSMIT managing machine.

To perform this task:

  1. Follow the steps in "Security Configuration for DSMIT" to create a valid administrator and managing machine.
  2. On each managing machine:
    1. become root
    2. edit the /etc/security/login.cfg file and add the following lines:
         program = /usr/dsmit/bin/dsmit-41log
    3. edit the /etc/security/user file for each DSMIT administrator (this assumes the user already exists). Add the following lines:
         SYSTEM = "compat AND dsmitlogin"
      For example, if bob is the DSMIT administrator on the managing machine M1, then on M1 the entry in /etc/security/user should look like the following:
      SYSTEM = "compat AND dsmitlogin"
      If a SYSTEM line for bob already exists, modify it and add dsmitlogin . There may be additional lines associated with bob that do not pertain to DSMIT.

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