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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 4

rcvpack Command


Saves incoming messages in a packed file.


rcvpackFile ]


The rcvpack command places incoming messages in the packed file specified by the File parameter. The rcvpack command is not started by the user. The rcvpack command is placed in the $HOME/ .maildelivery file called by the /usr/lib/mh/slocal command.

The rcvpack command appends a copy of the incoming message to the specified file and runs the packf command on the file. Specifying the rcvpack command in the .maildelivery file runs the rcvpack command on all incoming messages.


-help Lists the command syntax, available switches (toggles), and version information.
Note: For MH, the name of this flag must be fully spelled out.


                          Provides the user with MH instructions for local mail delivery.
$HOME/.forward Provides the user with the default message filter.

Related Information

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The mh_alias file format.

Mail Overview in AIX Version 4.3 System User's Guide: Communications and Networks.

Peek, Jerry. MH and xmh: E-mail for Users and Programmers. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly & Associates, 1992.

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