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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 3

inutoc Command


Creates a .toc file for directories that have backup format file install images. This command is used by the installp command and the install scripts.


inutocDirectory ]


The inutoc command creates the .toc file in Directory. If a .toc file already exists, it is recreated with new information. The default Directory is /usr/sys/inst.images. The inutoc command adds table of contents entries in the .toc file for every installation image in the directory and updates the Software Vital Product Data (SWVPD) database to indicate that the installation image is available.

The installp command and the bffcreate command call this command automatically upon the creation or use of an installation image in a directory without a .toc file.

Error Codes

INUBADIR Usage error or Directory did not specify a directory.
INUCHDIR Unable to change directories to Directory.
INUCRTOC Could not create the .toc file.
INUGOOD No errors occurred.
INUSYSFL A system call failed.


Privilege Control: Only the root user can run this command.


  1. To create the .toc file for the /usr/sys/inst.images directory, enter:
  2. To create a .toc file for the /tmp/images directory, enter:
    inutoc /tmp/images


/usr/sys/inst.images The default directory to create a .toc file.
.toc The file created by this command in the specified directory.

Related Information

The bffcreate command, installp command.

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