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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 3

install_assist Command


Starts the Installation Assistant application.




The install_assist command starts Installation Assistant, an application designed to simplify the customization of your system after a Base Operating System installation. The Installation Assistant guides you through post-installation tasks and, in some cases, automatically installs software packages for you. The Installation Assistant has two interfaces, ASCII and graphical. The interface that displays is based on your terminal type (defined in the TERM environment variable).

Most Installation Assistant tasks create or add to the smit.log and smit.script files in your home directory. (These are the same files appended when you run a SMIT session.) The commands built and run by the Installation Assistant tasks are added to the end of the smit.log file along with the command output. The time, name of the task, and the command (flags and parameters included) are added to the end of the smit.script file in a format that can easily be used to create executable shell scripts.


To start the Installation Assistant from the command line, enter:



smit.log Specifies detailed information on your session, with time stamps.
smit.script Specifies the task commands run during your session, with time stamps.

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