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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 2

groups Command


Displays group membership.


groups User ]


The groups command without a User parameter writes to standard output the group membership of the current process. If the User parameter is specified, then the group membership for that User is displayed.

The groups command does not run successfully if the specified user does not exist or if it cannot read the user or group information.


Access Control: This program should be installed as a normal user program in the Trusted Computing Base.


To display your current group membership, enter:



/usr/bin/groups Contains the groups command
/usr/ucb/groups Symbolic link to the groups command
/etc/group Group file; contains group IDs
/etc/ogroup Previous version of the group file
/etc/passwd Password file; contains user IDs
/etc/opasswd Previous version of the password file.

Related Information

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