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AIX Version 4.3 Commands Reference, Volume 2

digest Command


Converts the ASCII form of the /etc/qconfig file into the /etc/qconfig.bin file, a binary version of the queue configuration used by the qdaemon command. This command should not be entered on the command line; it is called by the qdaemon command.


/usr/lib/lpd/digest ASCIIFile BinaryFile


The digest command accepts an input file of ASCII characters and converts it into a binary file. This command is only used by the qdaemon command to translate the /etc/qconfig file into the binary version of the file, the /etc/qconfig.bin file.


/etc/qconfig Contains the queue configuration file.
/usr/sbin/qdaemon Contains the queuing daemon.
/etc/qconfig.bin Contains the digested, binary version of the /etc/qconfig file.

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