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AIX Version 4.3 INed Editor User's Guide

About This Book

This book, AIX Version 4.3 INed Editor User's Guide, describes the INed editor.

Who Should Use This Book

This book is intended for users and programmers who use the INed editor to create and modify programs, text files, and other lines of data in the operating system environment.

How to Use This Book

Overview of Contents

This book provides system guidelines for using the INed editor and describes how to use the editor to insert, manipulate, edit, and format text. It provides instructions for controlling windows, refreshing the screen, and manipulating files and directories. It also describes how to run AIX and filter commands, use profiles, and use the local menu and the history display menu. Appendixes list the INed editor functions for the standard keyboard, the INed editor commands, and the INed editor ASCII control characters.


The following highlighting conventions are used in this book:

Bold Identifies commands, subroutines, keywords, files, structures, directories, and other items whose names are predefined by the system. Also identifies graphical objects such as buttons, labels, and icons that the user selects.
Italics Identifies parameters whose actual names or values are to be supplied by the user.
Monospace Identifies examples of specific data values, examples of text similar to what you might see displayed, examples of portions of program code similar to what you might write as a programmer, messages from the system, or information you should actually type.

Summary of Changes

Throughout this book, INed editor functions were changed to match the keyboard mappings used in dtterm windows, the default graphical interface. A summary of the keyboard mappings for dtterm windows was added to "Appendix A. INed Editor Functions for the Standard Keyboard." Appendix A continues to contain a summary of the keyboard mappings for the lft and aixterm environments.

ISO 9000

ISO 9000 registered quality systems were used in the development and manufacturing of this product.

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