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AIX Version 4.3 Quick Beginnings

Chapter 4. Using the AIXwindows Interface

The AIXwindows interface provides features to help you manage the windows on your display screen. For example, you can run several programs at the same time on a single display screen, create multiple windows to meet your specific needs, and personalize your AIXwindows environment to suit your preferences. The AIXwindows interface provides functions for opening, closing, moving, and resizing windows.

AIXwindows runs a terminal emulator called aixterm in a terminal window. The aixterm command provides this terminal emulator for programs that cannot use windows. It emulates either a high-function terminal or VT102 terminal. The aixterm command features the capability to cut and paste text between aixterm windows and includes an option, mode, and scrollbar menu that allows you to control various terminal functions.

You can move between windows by pointing to them with your mouse. For example, while you type notes within a text editor in a window, you can also copy text from a different window and paste it into another window on the screen.

You can also represent programs on the screen by icons. When a program is represented by an icon, you cannot enter information into it directly or read from it, but the program can continue processing. You can convert most windows into icons and then back into windows.

The following sections describe the AIXwindows interface, including menus and icons, and various features often found on AIXwindows applications.

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