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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel Extensions and Device Support Programming Concepts

RAS Kernel Services

The Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) kernel services are used to record the occurrence of hardware or software failures and to capture data about these failures. The recorded information can be examined using the errpt, trcrpt, or crash commands.

The panic kernel service is called when a catastrophic failure occurs and the system can no longer operate. The panic service performs a system dump. The system dump captures data areas that are registered in the Master Dump Table. The kernel and kernel extensions use the dmp_add kernel service to add an entry to the Master Dump Table and the dmp_del kernel service to remove an entry.

The errsave and errlast kernel service is called to record an entry in the system error log when a hardware or software failure is detected.

The trcgenk and trcgenkt kernel services are used along with the trchook subroutine to record selected system events in the event-tracing facility.

List of RAS Kernel Services

The RAS kernel services are:

dmp_add Specifies data to be included in a system dump by adding an entry to the master dump table.
dmp_del Deletes an entry from the master dump table.
dmp_prinit Initializes the remote dump protocol.
errsave and errlast Allows the kernel and kernel extensions to write to the error log.
panic Crashes the system.
trcgenk Records a trace event for a generic trace channel.
trcgenkt Records a trace event, including a time stamp, for a generic trace channel.

Related Information

The trchook subroutine.

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