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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel Extensions and Device Support Programming Concepts

Adding a Printer Definition

To add a new printer to the system, you must first create a description of the printer by adding a new printer definition to the printer definition directories.

Typically, to add a new printer definition to the database, you first modify an existing printer definition and then create a customized printer definition in the Customized Printer Directory.

Once you have added the new customized printer definition to the directory, the mkvirprt command uses it to present the new printer as a choice for printer addition and selection. Since the new printer definition is a customized printer definition, it appears in the list of printers under the name of the original printer from which it was customized.

A totally new printer must be added as a predefined printer definition in the /usr/lib/lpd/pio/predef directory. If the user chooses to work with printers once this new predefined printer definition is added to the Predefined Printer Directory, the mkvirprt command can then list all the printers in that directory. The added printer appears on the list of printers given to the user as if it had been supported all along. Specific information about this printer can then be extended, added, modified, or deleted, as necessary.

"Printer Support" in AIX Version 4.3 Guide to Printers and Printing lists the supported printer types and names of representative printers.

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