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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel Extensions and Device Support Programming Concepts

List of Device Configuration Commands

The high-level device configuration commands are:

chdev Changes a device's characteristics.
lsdev Displays devices in the system and their characteristics.
mkdev Adds a device to the system.
rmdev Removes a device from the system.
lsattr Displays attribute characteristics and possible values of attributes for devices in the system.
lsconn Displays the connections a given device, or kind of device, can accept.
lsparent Displays the possible parent devices that accept a specified connection type or device.
cfgmgr Configures devices by running the programs specified in the Configuration Rules (Config_Rules) object class.

The low-level device configuration commands are:

bootlist Alters the list of boot devices seen by ROS when the machine boots.
restbase Reads the base customized information from the boot image and restores it into the Device Configuration database used during system boot phase 1.
savebase Saves information about base customized devices in the Device Configuration Database onto the boot device.

Associated commands are:

devnm Names a device.
mknod Creates a special file (directory entry and i-node).
lscfg Displays diagnostic information about a device.

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