First Edition (October 1997)

Trademarks and Acknowledgements

About This Book

Chapter 1. Kernel Environment

Chapter 2. System Calls

Chapter 3. Virtual File Systems

Chapter 4. Kernel Services

Chapter 5. Asynchronous I/O Subsystem

Chapter 6. Device Configuration Subsystem

Chapter 7. Communications I/O Subsystem

Chapter 8. Graphic Input Devices Subsystem

Chapter 9. Low Function Terminal Subsystem

Chapter 10. Logical Volume Subsystem

Chapter 11. Printer Addition Management Subsystem

Chapter 12. Small Computer System Interface Subsystem
SCSI Subsystem Overview
Understanding SCSI Asynchronous Event Handling
SCSI Error Recovery
A Typical Initiator-Mode SCSI Driver Transaction Sequence
Understanding SCSI Device Driver Internal Commands
Understanding the Execution of Initiator I/O Requests
SCSI Command Tag Queuing
Understanding the sc_buf Structure
Other SCSI Design Considerations
SCSI Target-Mode Overview
Required SCSI Adapter Device Driver ioctl Commands

Chapter 13. Integrated Device Electronics (IDE) Subsystem

Chapter 14. Serial Direct Access Storage Device Subsystem

Chapter 15. Debugging Tools

Appendix A. Alphabetical List of Kernel Services