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AIX Version 4.3 Kernel Extensions and Device Support Programming Concepts

Device Configuration Database Overview

The Configuration database is an object-oriented database. The Object Data Manager (ODM) provides facilities for accessing and manipulating it through object classes.

There are actually two databases used in the configuration process:

Predefined database Contains information about all possible types of devices that can be defined for the system.
Customized database Describes all devices currently defined for use in the system. Items are referred to as device instances.

"ODM Device Configuration Object Classes" in AIX Technical Reference: Kernel and Subsystems Volume 1 provides access to the object classes that make up the Predefined and Customized databases.

Devices must be defined in the database for the system to make use of them. For a device to be in the Defined state, the Configuration database must contain a complete description of it. This information includes items such as the device driver name, the device major and minor numbers, the device method names, the device attributes, connection information, and location information.

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