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GL3.2 Version 4.1 for AIX: Programming Concepts

Unsupported Subroutines

The following subroutines are not currently supported due to system constraints.

Note: These functions return without performing any function.
Unsupported Subroutines
dglopen getvideo
dglclose setvideo
callfunc getmonitor
e_callfunc setmonitor
getresetls getothermonitor

When stippled lines are drawn (by calling the setlinestyle subroutine with a nontrivial style), the linestyle counter is normally initialized at the beginning of a polyline. As subsequent line segments are drawn, the linestyle counter is not reset, and the line stipple continues around the corner.

The resetls subroutine, now obsolete, set a flag (mode) that caused the system to reset the line stipple at every vertex. If it is important for your application to reset the linestyle for every line segment, surround each segment with a bgnline and endline subroutine pair. The bgnline subroutine automatically resets the line pattern counter when called.

On the POWER GXT1000 adapter, the line stipple is reset for every segment within a bgn and end subroutine pair.

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