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GL3.2 Version 4.1 for AIX: Programming Concepts

Appendix D. Porting SGI GL Applications to Your GL Environment

Graphics Library (GL) is a programming library interface that allows applications convenient access to the 3D graphics display hardware. Although your GL is developed to be compatible with the GL interface of Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI GL), it still requires some effort to port an application from the SGI GL environment to your GL environment.

Your implementation of GL is compatible with the SGI 4D Personal IRIS GL interface, but is not identical. This is due to the differences between hardware architecture, the operating system structure, and the development environment of the two platforms. For instance, GL is a command-oriented graphics system that allows the user's program to send any sequence of commands to the hardware. The behavior of the hardware is unspecified when invalid sequences are used. Because your system differs from SGI systems, they may behave differently in unspecified conditions.

The following procedures cover file transferring, compiling, and linking of topics as well as system performance and environment considerations.

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