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GL3.2 Version 4.1 for AIX: Programming Concepts

AIXwindows Environment/6000 3-D Feature Version 1

In this release, GL is available to customers as a part of the optional 3-D feature to AIXwindows Environment/6000. This release of GL provides features that differ significantly from previous releases. These enhancements include new subroutines or changes to the operation of existing subroutines, new example programs, and new utilities, as follows:

charstr subroutine
                          Supports double-byte character set (DBCS) national language output.
dopup subroutine
                          Allows popup menus to operate in the overlay planes.
frontface subroutine
                          Enables frontfacing polygon culling on the POWER Gt4, POWER Gt4x, and the POWERgraphics GTO adapters.
gammaramp subroutine
                          Gamma ramps can be specified on a per window basis on the POWER Gt4, POWER Gt4x, and POWERgraphics GTO adapters. This function enables RGB mode partitions.
getgdesc subroutine
                          Returns graphics hardware description table.
getXdpy subroutine
                          Returns the Enhanced X-Windows connection of the GL session.
getXwid subroutine
                          Returns the Enhanced X-Windows identifier of a GL window.
lmdef subroutine
                          Support spotlights. Support for two-sided lighting is available on the POWER Gt4 class adapters.
loadXfont subroutine
                          Allows users to access X fonts.
logicop subroutine
                          Supports additional arguments, which allow mathematical operations to be carried out on pixels, as well as logical operations. These arithmetic functions are supported on the POWER Gt4 and POWER Gt4x adapters.
makeobj subroutine
                          All rendering subroutines, including all begin and end style subroutines, can now be used inside an object.
pixmode subroutine
                          Pixmap row stride and pixel size can be specified on the POWER Gt4 and POWER Gt4x adapters.
winX subroutine
                          Converts Enhanced X-Windows into a GL window.
zwritemask subroutine
                          Masks 8-bit banks of the z-buffer on the POWER Gt4 and POWER Gt4x adapters.
rendering subroutines Most are now display-listable (can be used within objects). A complete list of these can be found in the GL Subroutine Modality table in Appendix B.
pop-up menus Operate in the overlay planes. Refer to "List of GL Pop-Up Menu Subroutines" for descriptions of these subroutines.
chrate.c example program Shows how the mouse transmit rate can be changed. This example program is located in the /usr/lpp/GL/examples/chrate.c file.

Note: When there is a conflict between GL standards and AIXwindows standards, the AIXwindows standard overrides the GL standard. If this affects the capabilities of a specific subroutine, a note is included in the description section of that subroutine. (Subroutines are described in GL3.2 Version 4 for AIX: Graphics Library (GL) Technical Reference.)

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