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AIX Version 4.3 Understanding the Diagnostic Subsystem for AIX

Configuration Services Device Attributes

The configuration data services provided by the pdiag_cs_* functions (described in the previous table) define the interface by which the TU developer may obtain information about the device under test. The table below lists the standard attributes which may be available for a given device; however, not all attributes are supported for all devices, since some are specific to particular device types.

Normally, the TU developer should use this service to gather the required attribute information during the call to Test Unit TU_OPEN (the Test Unit which opens the device for testing), and save this device information for reference during subsequent Test Unit calls. This avoids the performance overhead of calling the configuration services many times during the execution of a set of Test Units.

Standard Attribute Description
slot_num Slot number of adapter (for MCA, actual slot number, for PCI, device number)
bus_id Adapter I/O bus ID value
bus_intr_lvl Bus interrupt level
bus_io_length Base address of bus I/O area
bus_mem_addr Base address of Shared Bus Memory area
bus_mem_length Length of Shared Bus Memory area
bus_type Type of bus (for example, Microchannel, PCI, 60X)
dms_bus_flags Bus flags for DMA operation (PCI/ISA only)
dma_bus_length Length of bus memory DMA area in bytes (MCA only)
dma_bus_mem Address of bus memory used for DMA (MCA only)
dma_chan_id DMA channel ID of device
dma_flags Flags to indicate DMA actions (MCA only)
dma_lvl DMA bus arbitration level (MCA only)
bus_intr_lvl Interrupt level
intr_flags Interrupt flags
intr_priority Interrupt priority
maxmaster Maximum number of concurrent DMA master calls
parent Parent device name

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